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UCERF3 Implementation Instructions


All UCERF3 materials, from inversions to solutions to earthquake rupture forecasts, were created using OpenSHA. This page provides support for those looking to use the UCERF3 model, both from within OpenSHA and without.

UCERF3 Fault System Solutions

This is the appropriate starting point for those wishing to use the UCERF3 model outside OpenSHA. A Fault System Solution is a ZIP file that contains all information relevant to using UCERF3 as an earthquake source model. When using these files it is important to be aware of the following:

Following the above guidelines will ensure consistency with hazard calculations performed by the USGS for the 2014 update to the National Seismic Hazard Map (NSHM).


This page provides details on using UCERF3 solutions within the OpenSHA framework as earthquake rupture forecasts (ERFs).

UCERF3 Time Dependent Rate Calculator

This page provides a tool which can be used to calculate UCERF3-TD probabilities and equivalent annualized rates for a UCERF3 Fault System Solution.

Running UCERF3 Inversions

See this page if you are interested in running UCERF3 inversions. Most users will opt to use the already computed UCERF3 Fault System Solutions.

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