Overview of UCERF3 Model (& Grand Inversion)

Monday, October 24, 2011
Ned Field
PEER Headquarters, University of California, Berkeley

The aim was to give an entire overview of our anticipated UCERF3 model to PSHA and loss-modeling experts, with particular emphasis on the "Grand Inversion" approach to solving for the long-term rate of earthquakes throughout the region. Those interested in details can also read our project plan.

Time Title Presenter(s)
09:00 Meeting Goals & Introductions (link include's all Ned's presentations) Ned Field
09:30 Project Overview & Main Model Components (see link above) Ned Field
10:00 Fault Models Tim Dawson
10:20 Earthquake Rate Models - UCERF2 Approach versus Grand Inversion  (see link above) Ned Field
11:00 Preliminary Results of the Grand Inversion Morgan Page
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 Elastic-Rebound Based Time-Dependent Model  (see link above) Ned Field
14:00 Spatiotemporal Clustering Time-Dependent Model - ETAS  (see link above) Ned Field
15:00 Implementation Issues & General Discussion  (see link above) Ned Field
16:30 Adjourn  

All presentations below include 50% time for discussion.


Go to the PEER Conference Room, located in 325 Davis Hall, and from there attendees will be directed to some other larger room.  Map and detailed directions for getting to UC Berkeley/PEER are available online at: http://peer.berkeley.edu/about/directions_davis.html.  If you need parking, plan to park at Lower Hearst Garage (the daily pass will cost $8).